Adam and the Ants


Do it

Catalogue Number
Dun 8

Matrix numbers


Release date
6th July 1979


Whip in my Valise

After leaving Decca, Adam and the Ants signed with Camden based independant label Do it Records who put the band into the studio as soon as they signed on the dotted line. Zerox was the product. A series of UK music press adverts followed in the weeks leading up to the single's release which coincided with a major UK tour culminating at The Lyceum in London.

There are several cut out variations on the back of the sleeve, two of which are pictured right.
Initial quantities of the sleeve came in a glossy thick card sleeve, later issues came with a thinner card sleeve and a matte finish.

The "Physical pressing"

In the first half of 1980 Do it secretly released an initial pressing with the song Physical on the B side although Whip in my Valise was still credited.
Although commonly labelled as a mis press this wasn't an accidental pressing.

The only way to identify the pressing (other than compare the grooves) is by the matrix etching.
The "Physical pressing" has either
DUN 8 B1 or
W-1KD DUN 8 B1
whereas the "Whip pressing" has DUN-8-B2-*

The alternate mix

There are also two mixes of the single.
The original release from 1979 has the opening bars of the song in both the left and right channels, the later mix from 1981 starts in the left channel then has a small fault at approximately 2.5 seconds into the song in the right channel before the track continues in both channels.

Also on the original there is a crashing cymbal at the very end of the song and what appears to be a dripping sound as the song finishes.
The later mix, from 1981, has the same feedback that is in the original mix, but this covers up the cymbal and dripping sounds that are on the original.

The 1981 version can be identified by the matrix number on the Zerox side

All CDs that include the song Zerox feature the 1981 (or later mix/non drip) version of the single except for Antbox which features the drip version.

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Sleeve variations

Cut out sleeve variant
Cut out sleeve variant

Other Releases

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Zerox acetate
Whip acetate
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