Adam and the Ants


Do it

Catalogue Number
Dun 10

Matrix numbers
DUN 10 A1
DUN 10 B1


Release date
7th March 1980



The second and final release on Do it records is a re-recording of Cartrouble that was used on the Dirk Wears White Sox album
This release is the first time that Adam and Marco had recorded together.
Even though Terrys 1&2 are credited with playing the drums it was all the work of future Culture Club drummer Jon Moss

There are several cut out variations on the back of the sleeve, two of the different ones are pictured right.

There is one alternate pressing of this single where the font on the labels is different.
Whereas on one of the pressings the font is more compact the other is wider and and it is this wider font that has the words "Edited from the EP 'Antmusic' is written on one line rather than over two.

The A2 and B2 pressings of the Cartrouble single differ on the run out matrix between the end of the song grooves on the vinyl and the paper record label

The A side (Cartrouble) has the phrase:
Good job of work boy.... etched into the vinyl.

The B side (Kick!) has the phrase:
When you get down to the nitty gritty etched into the vinyl.

It is not sure when these were pressed and why they differ to the other pressings, but research so far has determined that all A2 and B2 pressings have these etched into the run out section of the record.
The A2 and B2 pressings are not always teamed together, some pressings are mixed with some of the "3" pressings.

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Sleeve variations

Alternate pressing

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