Adam and the Ants
Young Parisians


Catalogue Number
Decca: F13803

Matrix numbers
F13803 A// 1∇E D
F13803 B// 1∇E D


Release date
20th October 1978

Young Parisians


Having been turned down by several record companies, Adam and the Ants eventually managed to release their debut single on Decca records in 1978.

After signing to the label in July of the same year the band entered Island studios in Basing Street, Notting Hill on 26th August and recorded Young Parisians and what was to become the B-side Lady.

The A-side was a controversial release with the fan base and critics alike, but as Adam later described in his autobiography Stand and Deliver "I'd chosen the song deliberately to confuse those people who thought we were a punk band".

He later admitted that it had probably been a mistake and that Lady should have been the leading track.

It was to be the bands only release on Decca records.

This original release was issued with a thick white glossy card sleeve rather than the paper ones that came with the reissues.
The original is also easy to differentiate as there isn't a white line from Dave Barbe's right temple to the edge of the sleeve as there was on the 1980 release.

Original 1978 sleeve

1980 re-issue sleeve

Initial copies came with a one sided Decca press release that fitted into the sleeve.
Some copies also featured the Decca records address on the back of the sleeve below the DECCA logo

Decca Address sleeve

Sleeve without Decca Address

The IML (Injection Moulded Label) has C.Control written below the large A on the left hand side and along with the font being more compact than the later release the time of the song is also in brackets which was omitted from repressings.

There are two versions of the original card sleeve
The first, shown below, have the straight cut top

Straight cut top - front

Straight cut top - back

The second, shown below, have the curved cut top

Curved cut top - front

Curved cut top - back

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