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Adam Ant
Vive le Rock



Catalogue Number
519638 2

Matrix number
Sony music IFPI L551 S5196382000-0101 11


Release date
4th April 2005

Vive le Rock
Miss Thing
Razor Keen
Rip Down
Scorpio Rising
Apollo 9
Hell's Eight Acres
Mohair Lockeroom Pin-up Boys
No Zap
Apollo 9 - A Capella Reprise
Human Bondage Den
Vive le Rock
Apollo 9
Doggy Style
Night They Vietcong
Big Big Man (Razor Keen)
Rip Down
Apollo 9
Vive le Rock

Adam Ant - vocals and piano
Marco Pirroni - Guitars
Count Wiczling - Drums and percussion
Chris De Niro - Bass and vocals

Remastered and released in 2005 with 9 extra tracks to the vinyl as follows:

Human Bondage Den - The extra track featured on the original cassette and CD releases from 1985
Vive le Rock - Rico Conning 12" mix (previously unreleased)
Apollo 9 - Francois Kervorkian 7" mix (previously unreleased)
Doggy Style - Early demo version of the Manners & Physique song (previously unreleased)
Night They Vietcong - album demo (previously unreleased)
Big Big Man - album demo of Razor Keen (previously unreleased)
Rip Down - album demo (previously unreleased)
Apollo 9 - Francois Kervorkian Splashdown 12" mix - Originally released on the 2nd Apollo 9 12"
Vive le Rock - Steve Thompson 12" mix (previously unreleased)

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