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Adam and the Ants
Stand and Deliver

United States


Catalogue Number

Matrix numbers
ZSS 168676 -1F MADAM...
ZSS 168677 -1E


Release date
March 1981

Stand and Deliver

Beat my Guest

Promotional White label released as a free single with the US version of the Kings of the Wild Frontier album.

The catalogue number for this single is AE7-1236 rather than AE7 1236 as on the other White label promo.
All of the bold font on the labels are a touch smaller too.

Another difference to the other white label promo (the one without the hyphen in the catalogue number) this single is black vinyl.

The font logo for Stand and Deliver differs from most of the other worldwide releases. It is much more plain.

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Stand and Deliver promotional sleeve Stand and Deliver promotional sleeve
Stand and Deliver White label 2 Beat My Guest White label 2

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