Adam and the Ants
Kings of the Wild Frontier


Specialist Recording

Catalogue Number
SR 1773

Matrix numbers


Release date

Side 1
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Don't Be Square
Physical (You're So)
The Human Beings
Los Rancheros

Side 2
Feed Me To The Lions
Press Darlings
Ants Invasion
Killer in the Home
Dog Eat Dog
The Magnificent Five

Adam Ant
Marco Pirroni
Chris (Merrick) Hughes
Terry Lee Miall
Kevin Mooney

Recorded at Rockfield Studio in Monmouth, Wales in August 1980, this new 5 piece band were to produce one of the most iconic albums of the 80s

This Slightly less than official cassette release from Malaysia, features twelve tracks including two single B-Sides "Physical (You're So)" and "Press Darlings" and as a result is missing the tracks "Jolly Roger" and "Making History" from the original album's running order.

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