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Adam and the Ants
Dirk Wears White Sox



Catalogue Number
480521 2

Matrix numbers
S0148052110-0101 35 A1 Sony Music IFPI L555


Release date

Cartrouble (parts 1 & 2)
Digital Tenderness
Nine Plan Failed
Day I Met God
Catholic Day
Never Trust A Man (With Egg on his Face)
Animals and Men
Family of Noise
The Idea
Whip in My Valise

Adam and the Ants debut album repackaged in 1995 to include the original album tracks plus the Do it singles.

The mix of Zerox is from the 1981 release rather than the original 1979 version, details of which can be read here.

The versions of Cartrouble Parts 1 & 2 are not the original album versions, but the later 1980 Chris Hughes remixes

Initial copies of the Rewind CD featured the Chris Hughes produced Ant/Marco 7" single version of Cartrouble rather than the credited Cartrouble Parts 1 & 2.

The way to differentiate these pressings is by looking at the CD itself and by the matrix number on the inner part of the reverse side of the disc, the original mis-press has the following code:
01-480521-10 13 A3 Sony Music IFPI L553

The subsequent reissue with the correct songs had the following matrix number:
S0148052110-0101 35 A1 Sony Music IFPI L555

To also tell the difference you need to look at the inner back page of the CD booklet and to special thanks wording at the bottom right column.

The initial pressing with the Chris Hughes produced Ant/Marco 7" single version of Cartrouble has the following thanks:

The later pressings with Cartrouble Parts 1 & 2 has the following correct spelling thanks:

Umesh Mistry organised a lot of the Ant conventions in London over the years and also ran a mail order business selling Ant memorabilia.

All Rewind copies also have a typographical error in the lyric booklet, instead of reading was a wall full of handicapped, the last word has been altered to say was a wall full of handclaps:

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