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Adam and the Ants
Tender Ants


Catalogue Number

Matrix number
not known
not known


Release date

Side 1
Intro & Human Beings
Dog Eat Dog
Stand and Deliver
Magnificent Five
Don't Be Square (Be There)
Los Rancheros

Side 2
Ants Invasion
Killer in The Home
Press Darlings

adam-ant.net does not condone or encourage unofficial releases.

Vinyl bootleg of a live show from the first tour of the United States.
There is a lot of debate over the correct details of the recording as to whether the show is from New York or Los Angeles.
I believe that the recording is from Los Angeles Roxy 13th April 1981.

This is a repressing of the first of the two part bootleg commonly known as "Creative Artistry" after the graphics on it's record labels.
It is not known how many blank label copies of this album were pressed, they are possibly left over copies from the colour cover/Empire label pressing, of which there are thought to be around 300 pressed.
Below are the covers of the originals from where this vinyl was taken. Plus the original "Tender Ants" sleeve. (the font size for the titles is slightly smaller on this pressing which confirms that this was done at a seperate occassion for the covers rather than it being a straight copy)

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Thanks to Freek Kinkelaar for the image scans

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