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Adam Ant

United States


Catalogue Number
EK 39108

Matrix numbers
1A EK39108 01 D1


Release date

Baby, Let Me Scream at You
Spanish Games
Puss'n Boots
Navel to Neck

Adam Ant - Bass and vocals
Marco Pirroni - Guitars
Richard James Burgess - Drums, keyboards and percussion
Phil Collins - Drums and percussion

Recorded at Abba's Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

The cover photos were taken by Allan Ballard

Phil Collins played drums on the title track and also Puss'n Boots

All tracks were new compositions with the exception Libertine, the music for which was written and demoed in 1980 under the title Who's a Goofy Bunny then? and the music for Navel to Neck which was originally demoed in 1979 with the title Killer in the Home

The US CD didn't come with a booklet like the UK version, the lyrics folded out into a poster.
This USA manufactured CD omitted to change the text on the CD poster which still stated that the album was manufactured in Japan.

This run of CDs for the album has the manufactured details stating that it was pressed in Japan on the album sleeve, but is not marked on the CD itself, like all other pressings.
A new matrix number was allocated, completely different to the Japanese pressing and the other pressing from the USA.
The EPIC logo on the CD is not inked in black like the other two versions and this CD has the tracks listed on the CD in a different layout where the title track has the number "1" missing before it unlike all of the other 9 tracks.

The history of this pressing is unknown but is probably the first pressing from the USA, that was corrected later for subsequent runs.

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