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Adam Ant
Save The Gorilla


NV Records

Catalogue Number

Matrix numbers
B18070NV CD EP10


Release date
Unreleased from 17th November 2003

Title track
Save The Gorilla

Other Tracks
Jungle Rock
Monkey Man
Monkey Man
Stranded in the Jungle

Recorded by Adam Ant and Boz Boorer at Boz's House of Boz studio in October 2003, this was planned as a charity single released in aid of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.
The CD only single was advertised on the internet and orders were placed then the single was withdrawn after EMI blocked its release and most copies were ordered to be destroyed.

Nobody knows how many copies got out into the public domain, last count is that there are at least 3 copies out of the 2000 pressed. (Not counting those held by Adam, Boz and possible the Dian Fossey charity)

Although the CD EP remains unreleased the tracks readily became available to the fanbase shortly afterwards in an edited format and also uncut versions as follows:

Track Time
Save the Gorilla 5:06
Jungle Rock 3:54
Monkey Man 4:22
Monkey Man 4:33
Stranded in the Jungle 4:37
Track Time
Save the Gorilla 4:42
Jungle Rock 3:20
Monkey Man 4:15
Monkey Man 4:25
Stranded in the Jungle 4:19

The final version of the CD was edited even more to cut out the "batty boy" references in the second version of Monkey Man as follows:

CD Version
Track Time
Save the Gorilla 4:59
Jungle Rock 3:42
Monkey Man 4:13
Monkey Man 3:29
Stranded in the Jungle 4:17

There are other smaller time discrepencies between the lower quality edited/unedited versions and the CD version but this is due to gaps of silence on the run in and run out of the recordings.

Jungle Rock was released officially in 2008 on Boz Boorer's Miss Pearl album.

Save the Gorilla - A reworking of the Ant/Marco 1981 number 1 hit Stand and Deliver.
Jungle Rock - A cover of the 1958 Hank Mizell song.
Monkey Man (track 3) - A cover of the 1969 Rolling Stones song from their Let it Bleed album.
Monkey Man (track 4) - A cover of the 1969 Toots and the Maytals song.
Stranded in the Jungle - A cover of The Jay Hawks song from 1956.

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