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Waterstones book signing
London, Piccadilly
16th Sep 2006

Adam poses for the press and fans

Adam's amazing, black embroidered skull jacket

signing books for the fans

signing books for the fans

Adam signs Chris 'Carty' Morgan's book
visit Carty's site here.

signing books for the fans

signing books for the fans

antfans taking photos

"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

One lucky fan gets to pose with Adam

Adam posing for a quick snap

Back to signing. Two hours later and still the crowds mass outside the store.

More signing and some gifts from fans

One more signing before a well deserved lunch break.

Adam and yours truly during the break

Adam was genuinely happy to be at the Waterstones store in London, Piccadilly. Fans greeted Adam with a huge cheer and applauds as he walked from the rear of the shop towards the flashes of camera and adoring fans. He was polite and cheerful as he made sure to speak to every fan that had turned up to see him today. After a two hour signing session, Adam was asked if he would like to continue, afterall, It had already gone on longer than what was expected. Being the appreciative person he is, Adam insisted on carrying on until he had met every person that had turned out to see him. Waterstones in Piccadill is the largest book store in Europe and sold every copy of Adam's book, Stand and Deliver

Photos by adam-ant.net

Waterstones book signing
19th Sep 2006

The second book signing on the tour was at Waterstones, Manchester. Photos by Chris Loufte for Waterstones and provided with permission, by -Gemini-Guy-

Borders book signing
23rd Sep 2006

"Thanks to everyone who turned up to newbury on saturday and all the other signings to support our mate Adam.

It was 20 years since Ads and i had seen each other and thats far too long. I was nervous the same as most of you all to see my old friend after all those years but once we arrived and saw his face it took me back to all those record shop signings we did as a band where 1000 people would be waiting for us to get on with it.

We managed to have a quick chat afterwards upstairs in the bookstore and as you have seen a couple of photos, intoduced Ads to my lovely wife Paula, her son Max and the apple of my eye Phoebe who is 3 in a few months. We met Adams girlfriend Clare who was very nice and i gave her my mobile number and said that we must get together for us all to go to dinner sometime and really catch up on the missing years.

Love Terry Lee xx"

Thanks to Terry Lee, Alistair Spalding and Borders for the photographs.

Borders and Waterstones book signing
Glasgow and Edinburgh
26th Sep 2006

Photos donated by Gail

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