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Adam and the Ants
Prince Charming


Sony BMG

Catalogue Number

Matrix numbers


Release date
10th September 2008

Track listing
Picasso Visita el Planeta de los Simios
Prince Charming
5 Guns West
That Voodoo
Stand and Deliver
Mile High Club
Ant Rap
The Lost Hawaiians (un credited)

Adam Ant
Marco Pirroni
Chris (Merrick) Hughes
Terry Lee Miall
Gary Tibbs

Promotional offer in conjunction with the Daily Mail newspaper in the Ireland where the original version of the Prince Charming album was given away as part of a two week offer for Classic 80s CDs

The Irish version differs from the UK version on the disc and front cover with the addition of the word IRISH inserted between the words Daily and Mail.
The Irish version also omits the printed lines advertising the forthcoming Bloomsbury CD and the writing credits for the album.

The tracklisting for the CD is incorrect as Mile High Club and Antrap play as one song (hence the 6'06 running time).

As a result when Antrap is selected (track 8) Mowhok plays and when Mowhok is selected (track 9) S.E.X. plays.

This means that when track 10 is selected the hidden track The Lost Hawaiians is played.

Whilst playing the CD through Windows Media, Mile High Club is credited as a Dave Barbarossa; Leigh Gorman; Malcolm McLaren composition

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Prince Charming front sleeve Prince Charming back sleeve
Prince Charming disc

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