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The Eureka! remaster of the Giorgio Moroder version of the Fritz Lang classic Metropolis sees its first UK release on DVD on 23rd July 2012. To coincide with the release the film will be made available via Video on demand (VOD) service provided by Yekra on the Metropolis Movie website

With this facility it will be possible to watch the film directly on iPhone, iPads, computers, TV and even Facebook.


This special edition in a limited edition steelbook features a newly restored high definition DVD with the original stereo sound or the newly added 5.1 surround option.
Although the Moroder film runs at only 84 minutes (recently discovered footage has produced an almost complete 150 minute version) that doesn't make this release any less valuable. Giorgio was responsible, in the early 1980s, for meticulously unearthing what was thought to be lost and missing pieces of the film from as far afield as Australia, Germany and in several locations in the United States.
After splicing these copies together, restoring and then adding a new soundtrack, the result, at the time, was the production of the most complete copy of the film since the initial screenings back in 1927.

Moroder decided to tint and colour his version after seeing colourised prints of the film dating back to the 1920s, he also removed the title cards and added subtitles, something that he had also seen in different variants of Metropolis, as a result this reduced the overall running time.
The most controversial addition to the film was with the inclusion of a modern soundtrack which featured Moroder's own compositions plus new tracks from artists from the recently started MTV generation including Adam Ant (What's Going On?), Freddie Mercury (Love Kills), Bonnie Tyler (Here She Comes) and Pat Benatar (Here's My Heart).
This contemporary take has produced criticism from purists, but without Moroder's input it could be argued that the film would not be as widely known as it is today.


The DVD also includes a short 18 minute documentary from 1984 entitled The Fading Image which details, in brief, some of the hard work and reasoning behind some of the actions in this version of the film.
Although the narration is flat, monotone and clearly read straight from the script, it is a revealing and interesting feature with interviews from Giorgio Moroder and film archivist Dan Woodruff.
The DVD is released in the UK on 23rd July 2012.


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