Adam Ant



Catalogue Number

Matrix numbers
AL 39526-4
BL 39526-4


Release date

Side 1
Freddie Mercury - Amor Que Mata (Love Kills)
Pat Benatar - Aqui Esta Mi Corazon (Here's My Heart)
Jon Anderson - Jaula de Libertad (Cage of Freedom)
Cycle V - Sangre de Una Piedra (Blood From A Stone)
Giorgio Moroder - La Leyenda de Babel (The Legend of Babel)

Side 2
Bonnie Tyler - Aqui Viene Ella (Here She Comes)
Loverboy - Destruccion (Destruction)
Billy Squier - Por tu Cuenta (On Your Own)
Adam Ant - Que Esta Pasando? (What's Going On?)
Giorgio Moroder - Maquinas (Machines)

Adam Ant features on one track "What's Going on?" on the film sountrack for Metropolis

This 1984 reworking of the 1927 Fritz Lang classic film was by Giorgio Moroder with a modern soundtrack.
The film was tinted throughout with added subtitles rather than the original intertitles

For the Argentinian release all of the titles were translated into Spanish

The Argentinian promo release can be identified by the front cover as it has the words Disco Para Demostracion Venta Prohibida (Demonstration record, sale prohibited) marked across the top left hand corner and also printed across the top of each record label.

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