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Adam and the Ants
Madam Stan


S & M Recods

Catalogue Number

Matrix number
SM-1-A Ma x
SM-1B Ma x


Release date
1982 (ish)

Side 1
Boil in the Bag Man
Christian Dior
Song For Ruth Ellis

Side 2
It Doesn't Matter
B-Side Baby
Bathroom Function
Rubber People
Red Scab

adam-ant.net does not condone or encourage unofficial releases.

The second bootleg album released for Adam and the Ants sometime around 1982.

12 tracks of 1978 Decca demos.
Originally it was rumoured that around 500 copies were pressed, but since the advent of Ebay it seems quite feasible that more have been pressed over the last few years.

The front cover artwork features a photograph of Adam taken from the back of the Kings of the Wild Frontier album and the photograph of Jordan is from the catalogue that was included with a certain number of the UK versions of the album.
The actual vinyl label itself has the names of the songs written in a vague code presumably so that the pressing plant didn't know that the record was illegal.

Fizzy Cool = Physical
Sono un Amico = Friends
Macchina Dell'eros = Xerox
L'Uomo da Bollire Nella Busta = Boil in the Bag Man
C.D. = Christian Dior
Canzone per Ruth = Song For Ruth Ellis
Non C'E Problema! = It Doesn't Matter
Patric Leo = Cleopatra
Seconda Facciata Baby = B-Side Baby
Funzione Del Bagno = Bathroom Function
Gente di Gomma = Rubber People
Scabrosso = Red Scab

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