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Adam Ant
Friend or Foe



Catalogue Number

Matrix numbers


Release date
11th October 1982

Side 1
Friend or Foe
Something Girls
Place in the Country
Desperate but not Serious
Here Comes the Grump
Hello I Love You

Side 2
Goody Two Shoes
Crackpot History and the right to Lie
Made of Money
Cajun Twisters
Try This For Sighs
Man Called Marco

Adam Ant
Marco Pirroni
Bogdan Wiczling

1982 and Adam has gone solo after the success of the Prince Charming Revue
The album features the UK number one single Goody Two Shoes, although the version released as a single is different to this the album version

The cover photo, by Allan Ballard, is a still from Adam's performance on the UK ITV programme The Cannon and Ball Show

This version of the UK cassette proudly boasted that it was a Chromium Dioxide cassette which was "To ensure all buyers benefit from the enhanced performance of the CrO2 tape"
Chrome tapes gave an increase in high frequency response over the standard "normal" bias tapes.
The technology was had been available since the early 1970s but remained a niche market, by the late 70's and early 80s the demand for better quality recordings and higher definition resulted in releases such as this.

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