Adam Ant
Friend or Foe



Catalogue Number
519637 2

Matrix number
Sony music IFPI L551 S5196372000-0101 11


Release date
11th April 2005

Friend or Foe
Something Girls
Place in the Country
Desperate but not Serious
Here Comes the Grump
Hello I Love You
Goody Two Shoes
Crackpot History and the right to Lie
Made of Money
Cajun Twisters
Try This For Sighs
Man Called Marco
Goody Two Shoes
Coup D'Etat
Goody Two Shoes
Here Comes the Grump
Little Italy
Made of Money
Place in the Country
And so you Shall
I know they Know
Gargoyes are Go
Good Sex Rumples the Clothing

Adam Ant
Marco Pirroni
Bogdan Wiczling

The cover photos, by Allan Ballard, are stills from Adam's performance on the UK ITV show The Cannon and Ball Show

Remastered and released in 2005 with 12 extra tracks including the single version of Goody Two Shoes, plus demos, outtakes and previousy unreleased tracks

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