These are a few of my favourite things

Photo by Michael Sanderson

May 2013, post Roundhouse, posed a few quickfire questions to Adam at his home in London regarding some of his favourite things...

Favourite artist

Favourite artist would be Picasso and Eduardo Paolozzi


I would say I like Stevie Wonder and I like Sinatra


Boxer would be Daniel Mendoza.
I'd also say Joe Louis and there's a guy called Benny Leonard, he was a lightweight, a flyweight.
... and I like Freddie Mills


Harry Crews, he's still my favourite writer.
I like AA Gill as well.


Just put Gangsters, Zombies and Historical!

Item of clothing, is there anything that you've got that you've kept over the years.

Yeah, my black suede Seditionaries jodphur boots with the white patent strap


Christ preaching at Cookham Regatta by Stanley Spencer. That's unfinished that painting, which is on show at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham where I grew up.
It's still my favourite painting.


I think Keeler (Lewis Morley's 1963 portrait).
Christine Keeler on the chair is pretty good.

Childhood memory

Spending time with my auntie and uncle in Cookham.

Favourite buildings

Oh yeah, I love the Albany in London. The Albany in Mayfair, it's a private building and the Burlington Arcade.
They're next to each other.
...and Chiswick House!

Favourite place visited

In Paris actually, Les Invalides. which is the military museum.

Piece of art you've made

I'd say ....
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