Adam and the Ants
The Decca Demos & More



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Matrix number
Side A
Side B


Release date
June 2012

Side 1
It Doesn't Matter
Young Parisians

Side 2
Fall in
Bathroom Function
Beat My Guest
Deutscher Girls
Catholic Day
Christian Dior
Family of Noise
Mice in Freefall does not condone or encourage unofficial releases.

A rehash of the Adam and the Ants Decca Demos from the Madam Stan bootleg and a few other tracks released in 2011 and repressed in orange in June 2012.

15 tracks ranging from 1977 to 1979 including 10 1978 Decca demos.
In June 2012 these copies of the orange vinyl started to appear, there are supposedly around 300 copies of this pressing.
There are also black vinyl copies and limited run of turquoise vinyl and green vinyl.

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The orange and green vinyl also differs from the black and turquoise with the sleeve too as the Adam and the Ants image is positioned more to the right as opposed to the left.
The image below shows the sleeve for the orange and green vinyl and below it the other pressings.

The centre label for the orange vinyl has blank orange labels.

You're so Physical - 1978 Decca demo
Friends - 1978 Decca demo
Xerox - 1978 Decca demo
Cleopatra - 1978 Decca demo
It Doesn't Matter - 1978 Decca demo
Lady - 1978 Virtual Earth demo
Young Parisians - 1978 Virtual Earth demo
Fall in - 1978 Decca demo
Bathroom Function - 1978 Decca demo
Beat My Guest - Chappels demo 1977
Deutscher Girls - Free Range demo 1977
Catholic Day - 1978 Decca demo
Christian Dior - 1978 Decca demo
Family of Noise - 1978 Decca demo
Mice in Free Fall - 1979 rehearsal/demo

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