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Boz Boorer
Interview July 2008

Boz Boorer started his career in the band The Polecats releasing their first single Rockabilly Guy in 1979. Boz left the band in 1983 and went on to eventually work with, amongst people, Edwyn Collins, Shillelagh Sisters, Kirsty McColl, Jools Holland, Cathal Smyth, Evan Dando, Joan Armatrading, Morrissey and Adam Ant.
In 1993 Boz toured with Adam in the States to promote the Persuasion album and later co-wrote 7 of the tracks on Adam's 1995 Wonderful album at Abbey Road Studios in London.
It's been 8 years since Adam-ant.net last spoke to Boz and with the imminent release of his new solo album Miss Pearl it was time to have another chat especially as the album is to feature one track, Jungle Rock, recorded with Adam in 2003.

Boz' answers are in italics

When and where was the song Jungle Rock recorded?
At my studio in West Hampstead a few years back

Is your studio the "House of Boz Recording Studio"?
Yes- I wouldn't think any one else would have one by that name! Although I do most of my work in my studio in Portugal - Serra Vista Studio www.myspace/serravistastudio

How did Adam get involved in this?
We were recording the Save the Gorilla EP and it was a song he suggested doing.

Why have you decided to use it after such a long time?
I realised I hadn't put out a solo record in 9 years so I gathered together all the stuff I had done over the years and picked the best bits for a new solo CD "Miss Pearl" out in September on Vibrant Records

Originally with Adam, which other songs did you record. Was it only Save the Gorilla, Monkey Man, Stranded in the Jungle and Monkey Man (second version) Was there anything else or was this all that you did together?
Well it's not "[second version] there are 2 different songs , both called Monkey Man, one by the Rolling Stones and one by Toots and the Maytals and of course Jungle Rock

Was there a rapport working with Adam, did you have any similar musical tastes as he has his Bazooka Joe background, a lot of the tracks used as influences when he met Marco were from the 50's and the Vive album has a massive rock n roll feel to it, or is that just a coincidence?
I think we are kindered spirits in our musical tastes

Is the whole album covers or are some your own (B29/Dollar Short?)
B29 and Dollar Short were out on a Japanese 45 me and Tommy Maguire wrote B29 and Steve Hooker wrote Dollar Short, it's a mixture of covers and my songs

From the clips that I've heard the album sounds really authentic (if you know what I mean) giving it more of an edge rather than a crisp clean sound, was this your intention?
Not really, it just comes out like that!

Were there any tracks that you've had to miss off the album that you recorded or was this everything that you wanted for it?
There's a few tracks we left off

Why has it taken you 9 years to get another solo album out? (Was that "My Wild Life's Gonna Get Me Down"?)
I have no idea, I didn't realise it was so long!

Had you wanted to get one done before this time?
I have been so busy I never thought about it

What are your plans for this album, to tour it on your own or just to release it as a package as in "here it is"?
I plan to do a few shows to announce it's arrival into the world but it wont be a tour, I am so busy working with Morrissey

On the new Morrisey album 'Years Of Refusal' I take it that it is two tracks that you have written together? (Black Cloud and Football Giveaway)
Football Giveaway? Where did you get that title?

Damn Wikipedia!
That's some instrumental music I wrote for a TV documentary called , strangely enough "Football Giveaway" , nothing to do with Morrissey. I have, however, 4 co-writes on the new Morrissey album, the first single of this year, which was, 'That's how people grow up," the next single which is 'I'm Throwing my Arms around Paris', a song called 'One day goodbye will be farewell' and the mighty 'Black Cloud' so only one point out of a possible 4 for you there!

Have you done any more, say for singles/B-sides?
Amongst the many songs I have written with Morrissey, there are 2 unreleased Boz/Moz songs on the re-issue of Southpaw Grammar that I am quite excited about, "Honey You Know Where To Find Me" and "You Should've Been Nice To Me"

What are your future plans and what are you working on now?
We are planning a lot of shows to go with the new Morrissey album 'Years Of Refusal'

To keep up with what Boz is up to check out his official website
his MySpace site or
The Vibrant Records website
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