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Adam image found in

Bladerunner logo
Screencap from 1991 US Directors cut DVD
Screencap from 2007 - The Final Cut DVD

Late October 2009 Kurtyboy (Marcus) made a post on Propsummit.com, a forum dedicated to the intricate details in classic science Fiction movies, namely Ridley Scott's Bladerunner and Alien films.
The post showed a screencap of the 1982 classic, that was taken approximately 9 minutes into the film (depending on which version you watch) where Deckard (Harrison Ford) is escorted by Gaff to see Captain Bryant, they walk in the rain through the crowded streets towards Gaff's Spinner (a flying car). In the background projected onto the base of a spiralled building column there are two images of Adam which can be just seen, dating from 1981 wearing his Kings of the Wild Frontier Hussar's jacket.

I was just scanning through the street scenes in the movie looking at various neon lights, street signs and advertisements for stuff I could use when I spotted the image. said Marcus who has been working on a Blade Runner 'paper prop' project, It was the white paint across the nose that caught my eye, then I recognised the horizontal gold stripes of the Hussar jacket and realised it was a picture of Adam Ant

Above are two screencaps of the frame, the first from the 1991 US directors cut of the film and the second being a widescreen shot from the 2007 Final cut.

To the right is a clearer image of the photograph that was used in the film.

Adam 1981

"I was really knocked out by it"
said Adam after seeing a copy of the image from the film, "it (Bladerunner) was one of the most impressive reference points in culture. To have any link to such a trailblazing vision of the future, it's timeless, it's a classic.
I didn't even know and I've seen it so many times"

Marco Pirroni, who was told at the same time said
"That's amazing!
Bladerunner is my favourite film of all time, but I never saw that!"

Adam and Marco clearly referenced Bladerunner, along with other such classic films as Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now and Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove whilst writing songs for their 1985 released album Vive le Rock

Razor Keen featured two sets of quotes from the film:
Centre and stop, pan right and stop
Centre and stop, pull back and stop

A new murder squad
Off kick murder squad
Kick kick murder squad

As does P.O.E.:
I've done some questionable things in my time
Revel in your time

plus Human Bondage Den:
Wake up now its time to die

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