1978 Performances
05 January London Marquee England
07 January London Roxy England
12 January London Marquee England
17 January London Dingwalls England
18 January Ilford Oscars England
19 January London Marquee England
21 January London Roxy England
26 January London Marquee England
27 January Brighton New Regent England
28 January London Roxy England
30 January London 100 Club England
04 February London Rochester Castle England
13 February Willesden The Cavern England
14 February London Hope and Anchor England
17 February London Rochester Castle England
18 February London Nashville Rooms England
03 March Nottingham Sandpiper England
04 March Bristol Barton Hill Youth Club England
06 March London 100 Club England
10 March Corsham Art College England
16 March London Music Machine England
27 March London Marquee England
03 April Doncaster Outlook Club England
04 April London 100 Club England
10 April London Moonlight Club England
13 April Nottingham Sandpiper England
14 April London Marquee England
15 April Liverpool Erics England
18 April London 100 Club England
19 April Sheffield Limit Club England
22 April London Rochester Castle England
27 April Manchester Rafters England
04 May Leeds Fan Club England
14 May London Roundhouse England
19 May London Chelsea College of Art England
28 May Bishops Stortford Triad Leisure Centre England
06 June London Hard Rock Cafe England
10 June London Ealing Technical College England
17 June London Southbank Polytechnic England
24 June London Marquee England
13 July London Marquee England
31 July London Moonlight Club England
01 August London Moonlight Club England
10 August London Covent Garden Rock Garden England
12 August London Goldsmiths College England
16 August London Acton White Hart England
21 August Swansea Circles Wales
30 August London Acton White Hart England
05 September London Marquee England
06 September London Marquee England
09 September Leopoldsburg Belgium
10 September Ninove Belgium
16 September Margate Starlight England
22 September Salisbury Technical College England
29 September Koln Stadthalle Germany
30 September Berlin SO36 Club Germany
01 October Berlin SO36 Club Germany
02 October Bonn Stadthalle Germany
03 October Langensfeld Stadthalle Germany
14 October Milan Fashion Show Italy
16 October Milan X-Cineteatro Italy
17 October Milan X-Cineteatro Italy
20 October Rome Titan Club Italy
21 October Rome Titan Club Italy
01 November London Music Machine England
09 November (?) Birmingham The Gig England
21 November Nuneaton 77 Club England
28 November London Marquee England
29 November London Marquee England
08 December York Pop Club England
18 December London Moonlight Club England
19 December(?) London Moonlight Club England

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