Adam Ant
Vive le Rock



Catalogue Number
MOCCD 13051

Matrix number
1321415 MOCCD 13051


Release date
28th May 2013

Vive le Rock
Miss Thing
Razor Keen
Rip Down
Scorpio Rising
Apollo 9
Hell's Eight Acres
Mohair Lockeroom Pin-up Boys
No Zap
Apollo 9 - A Capella Reprise
Human Bondage Den
Vive le Rock
Apollo 9
Doggy Style
Night They Vietcong
Big Big Man (Razor Keen)
Rip Down
Apollo 9
Vive le Rock

Adam Ant - vocals and piano
Marco Pirroni - Guitars
Count Wiczling - Drums and percussion
Chris De Niro - Bass and vocals

Remastered and released in 2005 with 9 extra tracks to the vinyl as follows:

Human Bondage Den - The extra track featured on the original cassette and CD releases from 1985
Vive le Rock - Rico Conning 12" mix (previously unreleased)
Apollo 9 - Francois Kervorkian 7" mix (previously unreleased)
Doggy Style - Early demo version of the Manners & Physique song (previously unreleased)
Night They Vietcong - album demo (previously unreleased)
Big Big Man - album demo of Razor Keen (previously unreleased)
Rip Down - album demo (previously unreleased)
Apollo 9 - Francois Kervorkian Splashdown 12" mix - Originally released on the 2nd Apollo 9 12"
Vive le Rock - Steve Thompson 12" mix (previously unreleased)

This CD was repackaged and reissued in 2013 in a rounded edged plastic jewel case with the back page of the CD booklet changed.
Classic albums available once again on CD

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