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Kevin Mooney

Kevin Mooney

"At last....Palladium Bassist makes Good!!!"

What are you rebelling against? - What've you got?
Berlin 2014, Kevin Mooney ex-European Cowards, Adam and the Ants, Wide Boy Awake, Max and Lavender Pill Mob musician has set himself a new challenge:
Hermit Group 1
The man who gave the 1980 version of Adam and the Ants the belligerant look and attitude they needed to carve their way through the live circuit and helped them stand apart from ordinary. A youthful posture and a don't fuck with me demeanour enabled Kevin to hold his head high throughout his time in the Ants. He is now producing his own artwork and is presenting it to the world with his new website. Kevin took the time out to speak to Adam-ant.net with the following:

Hermit Group 1 is an Artistic and Political organization that wishes to change the Dialog in so far as what it means to be a citizen of Earth in the 21st Century.....I feel personally that there is no point of contact between the current Political process and the realities of everyday life.
My own experience is that of a complete disconnect and an overwhelming indifference to the whole shebang....and you know what ? I Like it like that....I do not wish to protest or make demonstration in any way shape or form the less thought pollution that comes into the head from internet and newspapers the better Life is.....gave up watching TV about 10 years ago.... and I don't vote because it only encourages more of the same (I think Terry Marsh has got it spot on as far as elections are concerned)

Hermitude is where it is at and my aim is to get as many other people to become Hermits as well there is no need to join Hermit Group 1.......simply by nature it is instantly Yours.

I paint Primitive visual representations of what it is like to be an Einsiedler in the Classic sense of the word.... and hope that people who take on these images will be able to harness their thoughts into a form of Freedom meditation and find their own inner Hermit solitude and peaceful space.

If Individualismus is to re-shape the Modern World in any way, (which may or may not be a goal ) it is simply by encouraging each Hermit to be understanding, frieindly and as kind as possible to the next person, Yeah thats the ascetic..........uuuuuuh what was the question?

Why Hermit group 1, are there plans for others to follow?

I think its a good name....Hermit Group 1....describes the idea pretty well, a "group" of 1....that's not much now is it?
Yeah it would be super if others followed....or even took the lead....but they would have to make it all up by themselves....that is the whole point see.
I started Hermit Group 1 website to put the Ideas out as a Platform (like a speakers corner kind of thing) and also to sell signed prints of the original Paintings......I don't really know anyone in the world of Art yet, so I thought this might be a good way to contact them.
My other plan at the moment is to put up a site that contains only the collection of all the Paintings so far....there are quite a few more that do not appear on this site, I suppose I could get that done within about a month..... so hey all you other loners out there Stay Tuned !!!

Is this a collective for artists and like minded people or just your own avenue?

Er...no....not really a collective I mean that's not very Hermity is it.....However I do work here in Berlin with Betty La Gachette and a chap called Jean-Baptiste Monnin, there are only 3 of us but that's quite a lot in Hermit terms.....sometimes we go to Einzelgänger bars in Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg...usually there are no other Einsiedlers or Hermits there at all......its what you might call very informal.

2013: Founded Hermit Group 1, which is based upon Individualism, Humanitarianism, Self Realization and Kindness. Disconnection from Left wing, Right wing and Centrist group think. Rejection of Government, Organised Religion and Corporate Systems. Focus upon positive aspects of Life.

What are the positive aspects of Life?

OK then....how about walking through the woods getting plenty of fresh air sunshine makes shadows across the trees blue sky above just a few clouds drift by overhead
You see a turtle.....its turned on it's back....No! sorry thats not what I meant.....

walking along a lonesome path it stretches to the horizon there are wildflowers in the meadow either side that roll across the valleys and continue right up into the mountains there are bluebirds singing and small rabbits etc.

Quiet grey misty morning in the city its raining just a bit and you walk all alone on the wet street a few cars here and there pass by but nobody notices as the sun is coming up on the way back home for silent Hermit coffee.

Positive stuff....things good for the health and that.....

The Ant connection

Kevin was recruited to join Adam and the Ants by Adam in early 1980 to take up the bass duties

Adam and the Ants

Kings single

In April 1980 Kings of the Wild Frontier single was recorded

Ants Invasion tour 1980

Throughout May and June the new Ants made their mark live with the Ants Invasion Tour

Kings promo video

Kings of the Wild Frontier promo video - their first music video together

Kings of the Wild Frontier album sleeve

Kings of the Wild Frontier recording at Rockfield Studios

Top of the Pops

3 minutes on Top of the Pops and history was made

Antmusic video

Antmusic made it's way up the charts as the band continued with the UK Frontier Tour

Drury Lane

Kevin's last appearance with the Ants was for the Royal Variety Performance in February 1981

How important is it for you to start a movement as such rather than just put your artwork out there?
The answer to that would be uuuuuh...in the case of Individualismus Art and Politics are one and the same which I guess must be true of almost every type Art..... from the very highest representations of fine Art right through to stuff like Spiderman and Wonder Woman comics

and also I happen to think that the present system really really sucks so I could not Paint it any other way.

The Hermit Group 1 manifesto?
Its a work in progress......I thought, oh Yeah! if I am going to do this I had better write a Manifesto
so I started reading other peoples Manifesto's and surprise surprise....was not all that impressed even the Surrealist manifesto seems a bit shaky to me ....so I started looking up modern thinkers to check out some of their ideas for inspiration.... and so far the best I have come up with are Mr.Slavoj Zizek and professor David Deutsch of Oxford University..... No Doubt some of their ideas will be adapted for the Hermit Group 1 Manifesto when it is finally instantiated as such.....
However, Modern thinkers are especially hard to find as are modern thoughts....so it might be quite some time yet until the Complete and Definitive Manifesto is Ready.

To make up some original thinking for me usually takes very long for the grey matter to roll around in the noggin.

How long have you been producing pieces?

Well I first came to Berlin in 2003 and thats when the Hermitude idea began to form..... the first Paintings in this collection were started early in 2007 and continue up until the present time.

Back in 2008 there was Societee Anomyme des Hermites Inconnu, was this a different adventure or the embryonic start of what you are doing now?
Yes Very much so......the same idea....was writing a story with Betty La Gachette in English it would translate as "The Anonymous Society of Unknown Hermits" its agents came here as Time Travellers and they were protected by a Cavalry Regiment of Hermits, the Leader of the Regiment was a distinguished General, based to a large degree on the real life character who most people know as the Great Adam Ant......

Proudest moment or the time that you look back the fondest whilst in the Ants?
Proudest moment in Adam and the Ants must be the first concert and the whole of the Ants Invasion tour never ever felt like that before or since....

Fondest memory is the recording of Kings of the Wild Frontier album at Rockfield that is just a kind of a happy dream.

Was the Ants for you "the art of mass-media and deception?" How did you deceive?

Well after the band signed to CBS the whole thing took off like a super charge Rocket .....
The Kings Tour was an incredible Phenomenon and the machine really kicked into overdrive, we were at the centre of the Hurricane completely and it can really do strange things to your head...
The people at CBS were 1000% true professionals and I don't think there was a better outfit in existence at that time. This is where I studied the Art of Mass Media and this is where I found out that appearances can be deceptive....its not all fun and good cheer... a nice ride on a pirate ship, cowboys and indians at the Saturday morning pictures, nor a pretty silk bed or a garden full of roses and I found this out the hard way and the tough way.

Looking back tho...I would not change a darn thing and am quite proud of myself when I see film of the Royal Variety at the London Palladium..... there is only Adam, Marco, Terry and Chris who could make this. The best lads breathing......The End.

No...Hold on a minute...
there is something I would like to change!!!
I think it would have been much better if I had refused to bow at the end of the song.
Princess Margeret seemed like a nice lady, nothing personal.....but hey, I am Irish for fucks sake.......sorry lads.

Time in Adam and the Ants was a great adventure, which perhaps I did not really appreciate so very much as an 18 years old Punk Rock Rebel.
I am very thankful especially to Adam Ant himself
It gives me strength as a Hermit in 2014 to dwell upon these things from time to time and sometimes I am thinking of Adam and Mr Malcolm McLaren when I place daubs of paint on the canvas which is like a sail on the ship that goes to the ocean.

Last but by no means Least
Heres a big shout out to all you Hikikomori way over there in Japan a true inspiration to the rest of us Hermits everywhere !!!

Check out Kevin's site here

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